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Is Kratom Legal to Buy and Use in California?
Yes. California continues to allow Kratom to remain legal to use, buy or sell throughout the state. About five years ago, some politicians tried to pass legislation that would prohibit the purchasing, buying or using of Kratom in California. However, that legislation failed and there has been no other attempts by the state of California to criminalize Kratom since then. In fact, Kratom has always been legal in California and users expect this situation not to change in the near or distant future.

Where Does Kratom Come From?
Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) originates in Southeast Asia and is cultivated by Kratom farmers who sell their Kratom to online vendors in California and other states where Kratom is legal. Also referred to as Ketum, Krathom and Thom, Kratom is a bushy tree growing naturally in Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other SE Asian areas. Kratom trees shed their big, dark green leaves all through the year. These shed leaves are quickly replaced with new leaves. Kratom farmers in Asia cultivate Kratom all year long in fertile soil and abundant sunlight. Although Kratom may be grown in the U.S. where it is warm and sunny (southern Florida or California, for example), the rich soil in SE Asia provides the perfect medium in which Kratom develops into the highest grade herb possible.

Online Kratom Vendors in California
If you are searching for premium Kratom online, California vendors offer some of the best Kratom available. Instead of visiting one smoke shop after another searching for Kratom, simply visit an established vendor's website and browse the many different strains of Kratom to find what you need. Online Kratom vendors use only secure interfaces to facilitate purchasing Kratom using your debit or credit card. Professional vendors provide only 100 percent certified organic Kratom for sale that can be shipped to your door. Some Kratom venders online offer expedited shipping so you can receive your Kratom shipment in less than 48 hours.

Because Kratom is completely legal in California, you have the option of purchasing Kratom leaves, powders or fusions online without worrying about it being illegal. Whether you are a new or regular Kratom user, you might want to try several Kratom strains to find the one that you like best. Your online Kratom vendor can help you decide what kind of Kratom to buy if you need assistance.

There is no federal regulation on kratom within the United States. It is currently legal in every state with the exception of Indiana and Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island , Washington D.C. , Vermont, Sarasota County Florida, and San Diego CA. The Indiana legislature passed HB1196 in 2012, within which kratom was not specifically mentioned; but, two of its main alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitraginine, were mentioned. The primary purpose of the bill was to combat synthetic drug use. Kratom being neither synthetic nor a drug made its inclusion in the bill a clear point for contention. Petitioners from have sought the removal of the kratom alkaloids from the list of banned substances by bringing its faulty classification to the attention of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. This approach successfully stopped the potential ban of kratom in Louisiana when a similar bill was proposed which also included alkaloids from the plant. A large group of kratom supporters came out against the ban and educated their legislative representatives through emails and petitions about the kratom plant. The Louisiana legislature then elected to desist their efforts to ban the plant and merely made it a requirement that purchasers of kratom be at least 18 years of age.

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